• Nadja Sterchi

A new junction, a complex traffic control system – does that really work like planned?

Varala Engineering Oy gets to the bottom of that question and analyses and verifies the traffic flow at junctions.

Traffic signals at junctions are technically a highly complex matter, with focus on safety and an optimal traffic flow. At every junction there is a system that controls the traffic lights. An algorithm specifies how long the various green phases will last to enable an optimal traffic flow. If a traffic controller is recently installed, it will be tested and then commissioned, but what happens afterwards? Is the junction now working as planned or are there any deviations?

Varala Engineering Oy addresses that question and analyzes the actual traffic flow at junctions. Analysis are made 24/7 regarding traffic volume, traffic flow and performance. The actual situation is compared with the planning in order to show whether the traffic system is working like expected or not. If not, gaps and possible potentials are shown to further optimize the traffic flow.

With us you get a data-driven insight about what is happening at your junction. If you are interested in our newest service – Traffic verification - please contact us:

Nadja Sterchi, nadja.sterchi@varala-engineering.fi

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